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We're closed for a while...

It’s with great regret that we’ve decided to close until further notice.

We know this will come as a surprise to many, and it’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly.

We’ve thrown everything into getting the building and the business where it is today, and during some of the toughest times too. But the reality is that, in its current incarnation, the business cannot continue to trade. 


Importantly, we have made the decision to bring the business to a controlled stop; doing it this way means we’re able to settle what is owed to staff, suppliers and others. All vouchers will be refunded or honoured too.


Closing now, in this way, gives us time to consider the options available for the space and the very real possibility to reopen at some point in the future. It gives the opportunity for us to have conversations with potential partners, other operators and anyone else that has ideas or suggestions. 

On a personal level this has been an extraordinarily difficult decision to make, not least because of the effect it will have on our team, but also knowing how valued The Green Room is by so many people.


We’re going to take some time now to reflect and think through the options; we remain committed to the space being in use and for it to be part of a thriving High Street.  In time we’ll post more information to our website / social media. 


Thanks to everyone that’s supported us since we opened last year.


With best wishes,

Jess & Colin 


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